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Waldo Bien


  Art in the future tense.   Interdisciplinary Research.   Social Sculpture.

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ZeroZone 2003


The grey zone
Size: ±170 x 70 cm wall space
Materials: coaldust and riverclay on canvas
Open frame: painted wood, metal clambs, plastic
Private collection, NL

The following descriptions/references/ are taken from Waldo Bien’s artist journal: Notes on works
Tide zone
Grey zone
Zero Zone (0 Zone)
Philosophers garden
Public Space
Legal Paradise

Artworks in reference (right):
Billiard Table with Sluice, 1972
2. Static Pedestal (Schrank mit Wirbelsäule), 1978
3. Verwandelzeichen, 1980
4. Regal Star shaving table (mass-counter mass relations in step pyramid.) 1982
5. Northland Route (simultaneous forward/backward photo registration) 1983
6. Death Room Interior 1984/5
7. Artchitectura (Paraguay) 1995
8. Beuys-Bien / Bien-Beuys (the elimination of hierarchy) 1 jan. 1984
9. Work with Joseph Semah (canvas no 1) 1994
10. Works with Virgil Grotfeldt (open framework) 1994-
11. Ferry, 1993/5

Cinq Champs Verts (Five Green Fields) 1997 to Triodos Bank, 1999/2001
FIUWAC (collective ownership) 1999

Works of others in reference:
Joseph Beuys : Double Cross
Brancusi: Endless Column
Böcklin: Toten Insel
Virgil Grotfeldt: Floating Plants (elimination of gravitation)
Michael Rutkowsky: Stufen Pyramide Raum 20. Project Buch Werkstatt (das Buch vom Rücken her verstanden) Equator im Lot (FIUWAC)
Jacobus Kloppenburg: Mirror Palace/ The Elimination of Symmetry

Zero Zone Notes, May 28 2003

 May 28 2003

Zero Zone Notes, June 20 2003

June 20 2003

Zero Zone Notes, June 2003

June 2003

Zero Zone Notes, June 2003a

June 2003

Zero Zone Notes, June 2003b

June 2003

Zero Zone Notes, 3 September 2003

3 September 2003

Zero Zone Notes, 3 September 2003a

9 September 2003

Zero Zone Notes, 2003a


2003, May 28
: Notes on works (with photograph of right panel): 0 zone, right wing/left wing (umkehrbar), ab=ba, Wetterlage: Niffelheim.

2003, June 20
: Notes on works ( with photograph of right panel. Text on photo: Finished 0 zone II this week.  First photos taken of both works together on studio wall. Spend the past months with further investigations of 0 (zero) Zone (grey zone) or ‘legal paradise’. Checked possible size enlargement  and/or reductions and questioning or this is something that could be worked on with Grotfeldt in France. (coal dust on china clay) How Grotfeldt’s expression would influence the readability of the work and the dynamic gravitation (energy) fields  Also: What, if the whole “jardin des philosophes’ starts ‘floating’. Fix point in universe = the studio wall
2003 June: Notes on works (with photomontage of cross mirrored work on studio wall): fix point  is located  within the 0 zone itself, a domain. The discourse engine (motor) is turned of (Stop) by a final decision/judgement (not by nature) > Double Cross Check. Noticed readable from both equal sides at the doubled borderline, where things are united and separated, congruent to the work Five Green Fields.
June 2003, notes on works (with photo montage). In general: Absolute playground: According to M.R.(Michael Rutkowsky): Hier geht das Weberschiffschen hin und her zum Zwecke der Farb Erscheinung. (Goethe)
2003, 27 June: Letter to Michael Rutkowsky, Köln: Lieber Michael,dank für deine Post. Selber verweile ich z. Zeit hier im Garten 0 Zone (Nul) Die s.g.n. klare Schnitte sind breiter als man denkt, das difuse schärfer als geahnt oder erwartet, das kontrastlose dynamischer als für möglich gehalten. Aber wieso erzähle ich dir das: Alles bekannt. Ich arbeite in Juli mit Grotfeldt in die Normandie an eine neue Arbeit, Legal Paradise. Ich nehme an du bist in dein freiluft Studio zu gange. In September erscheint das neue FIUWAC Buch, über Grotfeldt. Spannend. Sonst alles Paletti, ein wenig erschöpft, das wohl, aber alles nach Wunsch. Herzlichst, Waldo.
Note on works from same day ( including photomontage): Für Speck und Bohnen/Humane Gesture. Um das Spiel für Anfänger einigermasen zu erleichtern, könnte man die Spannung vom ‘Netz’ ein wenig reduzieren. Warnung: Die Tragfahigkeit lässt nach (nach innen gerichtete Statik: egozentrisch) > Mit hinweis auf kreisen/kreisel, Regal Star. (see sculpture: Regal Star, 1983)

2003, September 3: Notes on works (with a drawing, a hole in both sections at eye distance): Very strong magnetic attraction/energy. Zero - Zero – Zero - Zero. Mars was close to planet earth these days, reason to be on the alert.  Also, to express things in a balanced, equivalent way, (black/white reversal); Could one speak of black white reversals? (Photo negative/positive) This fits to every section of the work in relation to the other. (Also for P.M., Mondriaan)  P.S.: the upright flagpoles play no role in this game. The action is within the domain in between.

2003, September 9
: Notes on works; Photo collage with upward flagpoles, flags with unequal violet radiating stains, mounted on A4 cardboard.
Also: Research mask (Tool) to fill in the open space with a possible Grotfeldt work. X check – XX check.
Holding the mask above some photo’s from the meadows in Normandy shows that it ( the painting) was a good shot, done from memory. In retrospective: the so called “Mask works” ( double photo works from the last years with the repetition of the same image , slowly fall into place. Next: turn it all up side down and in side out.
The first look trough this mask (checking the Grotfeldt flag drawings done in France, July 2003) was a surprise. They work wonder well.  The original size has to be reduced, as a result of the stretching. Or should it become glass? This would technically require a kind of frame work again with all the problems and solutions (Sluice etc.) at hand. Still, not a way I would like to see this going.

November 2006: Note: At the end the mentioned Grotfeldt paintings were not used. The two canvasses, made in the studio in Amsterdam, recall the surrounding of the F.I.U. summer school building in Normandy where during annual meetings between Bien, Carl Giskes, Jacobus Kloppenburg, Patrick Healy, Michael Rutkowsky, Alfons Alt, Armelle de Sainte Marie, Virgil Grotfeldt etc. ideas like FIUWAC were discussed and came to life.