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Waldo Bien


  Art in the future tense.   Interdisciplinary Research.   Social Sculpture.

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ELDORADO, 1985/97
41x39cm, Polaroid paper negative reproduction, cherry wood, slate and glass.
Description: as Lodge, but here the works are not hanging but standing, on an Iron construction beam as wall attached console, well below eye level.

In Tierra del Fuego, 1985, Bien used a Polaroid Land camera, producing a Black/white photo and a film negative. The unstable honey brown paper negatives, according to Polaroid instructions mend to be thrown away, waste, were kept and stored. In 1996 the images had transformed to satisfaction and were fixed/enlarged on a Canon Colour Copy machine to the size A3, mounted on board and framed in an open frame with darkroom and pedestal connotations. The black base is produced from Norwegian slate. The recorded shaving session took place in the after match of the shaving cycles started in 1982 with the work Black November (1982-005), Regal Star (1983-001), and the action with Beuys in Paris, January1984. This was followed by a strain of shaving sculptures as appendix.

The Canal Beagle shaving diary 1985-002, corresponds with the series Lodge.

Further see Tierra del Fuego Drawings.


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Eldorado Office